Smart Maritime Sector INAVATION 2020

Future Events

Smart Maritime Sector INVATION 2020

Advances in internet based digital technology heralds a new era of opportunity for shipbuilding, ship-operation, commercial shipping & ports. 

Six key digital trends are taking centre-stage

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) optimising decision-making and safety 
  2. Industry Internet of Things (IIoT) [Network of Things as known in military parlance] 
  3. Robotics for complex tasks in complex environments
  4. Autonomous Units to provide enhanced safety and cost savings by removing the human element from certain operations
  5. Blockchain a distributed ledger technology that enables peer-to-peer transactions in a secured manner
  6. Cybersecurity 

INA will be organizing a full day conference in March 2020 to address the above developments covering essential areas on above topics for professional awareness.

We seek wholehearted industry participation

Past Events


INA Technical Session 19-01 on 24 May 2019 

Theme:  Various Maritime Developments & Opportunities

Chairman : Mr. V. Kumar

Addl. Activities: Revival of Institution Activities and formation of new EC Industry Presentation Titles & Presenters:

  • Role of Private Sector in Defence Shipbuilding: Cmde Subir Sengupta (CCONO, Mumbai) 
  • Ship Building on the Banks of the Great River: Mr. Ravi Chaurasia, Mirzen Marine Pvt. Ltd
  • Practical Challenges in Cargo Movement on Inland Waterways etc. : Mr. Rahil Sahu, KPMG



INA Technical Session 2019-02 on 14 Sep 2019

Theme:  Offshore industry

Chairman : Mr. M. L. Kochhar 

Chief Guest : Capt. J. C. Anand

Addl. Activities: Felicitated Capt J. C. Anand for his contribution to Maritime Industry 

Presentation Titles & Presenters:

  •  Opportunities in Offshore industry : Mr. Ranajit Chakraverti, Transocean 
  • Deep-sea Mining :  Cdr. Nitin Agarwala, National Maritime Foundation
  • Project Management in Offshore Oil & Gas Industry : Mr. V. Ashwini Kumar; AFCONS
  • Riser Analysis : Mr. Rupesh Verma, Oceanergy, Mumbai


INA Technical Session 2019-03 on 14 December 2019  

Theme:  Development of Marine Infrastructure

Chairman : Rear Adm.  A. K. Saxena 

Chief Guest : Shri R. L. Pai

Addl. Activities: Inaugural meeting on SMART MARITIME SECTOR Conference

  • Challenges to Drydock Development in Mumbai : Cmde (Dr.) S. C. Mittal, Royal Haskoning & Mr. R. V. Kishore, HCC 
  • Design of Floating Multidraft Link Span for Ro-Ro Terminal : Mr. Dhruv Prajapati, Vedam Design & Engineering, Mumbai
  • A Concept Design of a Multimodal Hub Terminal at Varanasi: Ms. Abolee Muranjan, Architect, Navi Mumbai