Smart Maritime Sector INAVATION 2020

About us

  • The Institution of Naval Architects (India) is a non-profit, technical, professional organization in the maritime, naval and offshore industry. Founded in 1985 and registered in India, INA is dedicated to continuing education, professional development, exchange of technical information and knowledge, international cooperation, and technology innovation and entrepreneurship in the maritime, naval, shipbuilding & offshore industry.

The Objectives of INA are to advance the concept of STEAM {Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics} in the practice of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering in all their applied forms covering the design, construction, operation, maintenance and recycling of ships and marine structures; to promote sustainable development of  Society.

INA comprises individual and corporate members from India and abroad. Our individual members consist of experienced professionals, entrepreneurs, young generation engineers, and graduate students, whose combined knowledge comprises expertise of every aspect of the industry including research, planning, analysis, design, construction, inspection, installation, operations and project management. Our corporate members include companies from start-ups to established industry leaders from shipping, shipbuilding, offshore O&G sector, service providers, research and educational institutions.

INA regularly provides technical platforms to the whole maritime community to share their knowledge, research, ideas, products and innovations through its Technical Sessions (INAvations) and publications (INA Journal). Its the endeavor of the Institution to keep the maritime community abreast with the updates in maritime field. The blogs on this web-site also form a part of this endeavour.

Members enjoy excellent benefits, including networking and professional development, critical workforce development resources, and technical support. In addition, our members enjoy access to quality business services and discounts to community events, training and conferences. We will continue our efforts to promote the professional development and business success of our members.

Our membership is open to all qualified individuals and organizations in or associated with our industry. If you are not yet a member but passionate about the technologies, entrepreneurship in maritime & offshore industry, and networking with peers, we look forward to welcoming you to the growing list of professionals and corporations that make up the INA community.